I went to see Jane during a very difficult and upsetting period of my life when I wasn't fuctioning well and on the verge of becoming very depressed. My sessions with her were incredibly helpful and stopped me spiralling down further. I felt a much needed shift in perspective and direction after my initial hypnosis experience. Jane is very calm and confident therapist and it felt very safe to allow myself to drift into the deeply relaxed state where I could fully receive the benefit of the supportive and healing messages she sows during the session. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck for whatever reason, in an unhappy or fraught place in their lives.   Thank you Jane.




Hi Jane, just got home from my exam, I was calm and collected throughout so I had a much clearer mind. Although the exam was really hard I didn't have a panic episode and managed to get through it, which is great considering this time last week I didn't want to go at all! Thank you so much for all your help. LB :)



I went to see Jane to stop smoking, a habit of 15 years and had previously tried nicotine replacment patches and chewing nicotine gum but always went back to smoking cigarettes. It took three sessions for me to feel confident cigarettes are a thing of the past. By the end of the first session I felt a definate shift in my thoughts about smoking and although I didn't crave tobacco I gave into my habit and smoked in a few social situations. By the second session I came away feeling positive in my commitment to quit and was able to enjoy social sitations without smoking. I  saw Jane for a follow-up 12 weeks later mostly to reinforce my commitment and for my own confidence, I also found what I had learned helped me in other areas of my life.  Your are a star. Helen.



Hi Jane

I couldn't find your address so I couldn't send a thank you card. So here is a little note to use as a testimonial in thanks for all you have done to help me overcome my anxiety specifically eating in public phobia. I had a fantastic holiday with my boyfriend. I had a few wobbly moments but implemented all the things you had taught me so I quickly relaxed and keep everything under control.

It was so refreshing to finally have a holiday that I was sad to leave. So thanks again :) x

PS And I ate in a restaurant every day- even chicken! JS




I have seen Jane on 3 occasions to try to control my fear of flying. I was slightly apprehensive about the treatment, as... it was completely new to me, but I cannot recommend hypnotherapy and Jane enough. I have now flown on 3 occasions and cannot believe how much calmer and in control I feel. I am now able to consider further destinations and am so relieved I had treatment. Such a lovely lady in an idyllic location and relaxing room. Thank you so much. Katie B.



Jane helped me ....... beyond any expectations I could have had. I was sceptical but decided to be open minded. Before I... knew it over an hour had passed in our first meeting. I have had self esteem and self worth issues my whole life. Jane's wonderful treatment has helped me realise I am a human being worthy of love. I now have a positive outlook on life, and since this shift wonderful things in my life are starting to happen. I cannot recommend Jane highly enough, not 5 star ...... 10 stars! Thank you Jane for changing my world. Carol Watson.



My doctor signed me up for six sessions of Cognitive Behaviour therapy (CBT)with the NHS to help me with depression caused by stress related work issues. I completed the course which helped me understand and recognise my unhelpful thinking ways. Unfortunately it did not completely take away my anxiety. I practised the new way of thinking about situations but emotionally I was still depressed. I booked an appointment with Jane for hypnotherapy at a friend's recommendation and since the first session I have never looked back. Everything I had been taught previously seemed to make so much more sense, literally everything seemed to calm down so I could use the coping stratergies I had been taught. Jane totally understood where I was coming from and because she is trained in CBT she was able to reinforce the work with hypnosis. Fantastic experience. Helen M.



I finally decided to so something about my panic attacks, they developed from fear of flying and graduated to fear of trains and tubes. In fact most forms of transport, even in the car as a passenger on the motorway. From leaving Jane after the first session I felt so much better and knew hypnotherapy was the right help for me. It took four session to overcome my fears and I enjoyed everyone of them. I can't express my gratitude enough.

Thank Jane you have changed my life. Jen Baker



My wife encouraged me to visit Jane to treat my anger issues. I was initially sceptial and quite cynical about hypnosis. I realise now it was because of seeing stage hypnosis and  worried about losing control. Jane put me at ease straight away and was happy to explain the differences of stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy. After three sessions, contrary to not being in control, hypnosis has given me control. Not only have I learned to control my temper but the relaxation techniques have resulted in me feeling physically better to.

With thanks from us both. Andrew B.



Jane helped me to move forward with my life after a particularly difficult break-up with my boyfriend. I had very low self esteem and could not see a happy future, only exsiting.

Jane was so kind and understanding. She took the time to explain my symptoms in a way that made me realise I wasn't losing my mind and within a few sessions I could feel the depression lifting. I can highly recommend  Jane.  S. Cartwright.



Thank you Jane for helping me to see food in a new way. I no longer use food as a coping mechanism and at last I am in control, in a health way! I've now lost 3Kg :) all the best Lucy.


I went to see Jane to stop biting my nails. It is something I have done since I was a child

and felt embarressed about the state of them. For many years I had worn false nails because as a professional business woman it is important to look well groomed and in control. The appearence of bitten down nails and cuticles  did not convey that image.

It took one session for me to stop biting my nails. I now love to drum my nails on the desk and hear the tapping sound of my nails rather than a dull thud of my finger tips. Great job

Jane. Thank you Sylvia.



I owe my job to Jane's hypnotherapy skills when she helped me recover from my driving phobia. I now understand how the stress in my life resulted in this fear. So not only did I recover from this fear but she also helped me recover from the original stress. Thanks again

G. W.


Hello Jane

Thank you for helping me improve my sleep pattern. I have benefitted significantly from the work you did with me - in that I stopped taking my Wednesday and Saturday evening sleeping tablets in December 2015.

I also manage to fall asleep sonner that I did before our sessions.

Thank you SM 


IHi Jane, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write, but I wanted to say a sincere thank you for the treatment you gave me. Apart from being very kind indeed, I feel  hypnotherapy really helped me. Overall I would say I feel a lot calmer and less anxious when faced with challenging situations.

 So once again, thank you.

Best wishes



Text 1.3.17

Hi Jane

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support regarding my claustraphobia, you will be please to hear that I walked straight into the lift at Gatwick and surprised my friends and myself by how calm I felt!

II practised my breathing and said to myself it is just a thought (it really worked) in fact I felt lless stressed than I normally do panicking trying to find an alternative route. I feel so much more confident about going places where I might have to go in a lift.

Thank you

Kind regards

Paula x


email 14.3.17

My 21 year old son experieced severe exam nerves and hypnotherapy was suggested by a friend who suffered in the same way. Jane kindly saw him for an urgent appointment on the day of his exam. He thoroughly enjoyed the whole treatment and passed the exam with a calm and rational mind. We will definately be recommending you in the future.

Thank you so much Jane! M.C.


Text 6.4.17


Hi Jane - Just to let you know thatyour sessions worked a treat. The flights were all good and the turbulence didn't bother me at all!

Thank you - Jemma



Text 13.5.18

I went to see Jane for problems I had with overeating and anxiety. I was immediately put at ease by Jane's friendly and gentle manner and I found myself opening up about many things which have caused me tremendous upset over the years. In sharing these things with Jane and discussing them with her I found I had a much better understanding of why I have been having the feelings I have been having. I found the hypnotherapy extremely relaxing and comforting and I honestly feel like a different woman now to the one who first walked into Jane's office and burst into tears because there was so much I needed to tell her so she could then help me. I feel so much more relaxed in my day to day life and my relationships with everyone around me are getting better. I have laughed more in the last two weeks than I have for a long time. The personalised MP3 recordings have been incredible and I have been listening to them most nights before bed. I don't struggle any more to make healthy choices for food and the late night snacking has stopped and I don't miss it. The breathing exercise have been very helpful too.

I can highly recommend Jane and feel so thankful that I was able to have these sessions which have made and are continuing to make such a positive impact on my life.



Text 6.6.18

I thought I would let you know that I managed two tube journeys (first time in 15 years) and the Tate modern lift to the 10th floor yesterday! Only got a bit unhappy when too many people tried to cram into the lift but in an irritated way because they were too impatient to wait for the next lift rather than panic becaused I was in an enclosed space.

I still can't understand why people would choose to travel by tube-it's hot, smelly and overcrowded but at least I now have that choice too.

Millions of thanks. 









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