What is Hypnosis?


A simple description of hypnosis is a pleasant and natural state of mental and physical relaxation. This state is often termed a "trance state" which can be experience by anyone who wishes to. People experience going in and out of different natural trance states many times throughout the day, more recognisable as day-dreaming, or when totally absorbed in an activity and suddenly find time has disappeared.


The role of the hypnotherapist is to safely guide the person to an altered state of consciousness.  In this relaxed state you are in complete control and can hear and respond if necessary to the beneficial ideas suggested to the unconscious part of the mind responsible for automatic unwanted behaviours including habits and phobias. This focussed attention creates awareness to solutions, which often had not been previously realised .


Hypnotherapy is a natural and safe form of treatment that enables you to overcome and find solutions to problems with no harmful side effects. Research show results can be long lasting and often a permanent recovery is possible.




Often when we perceive events in our lives as "out of control" or experience long periods of stress or worry the result can lead to an anxiety disorder. The responses to anxieties and stressful situations trigger the increase flow of adrenalin and activates the fight or flight mechanism preparing the body for action. However this response is usually unnecessary in the work place, home or social situations and this unspent adrenalin can manifest into panic attacks, phobia's including agoraphobia and claustrophobia and post traumatic stress disorder. Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy offers coping strategies and a new way of thinking that can overcome and reduce the psychological and physical symptoms.



Weight Management

Most of my clients know the correct foods to eat for a healthy diet. Unfortunately todays hectic lifestyles means hectic eating patterns and wrong food choices which can creep up on you before you realise there is a problem. Hypnotherapy can help weight loss in two ways. Firstly it can help you with emotional eating, secondly it can help break the behaviour of habit eating. So whether it's to gain control over a recent unhealthy eating habit before it gets worse or to lose a substantial amount of weight, hypnosis can change your mindset about food. It can help you make the right choices, the right type of food and eliminate over eating.  A programme can be tailored  to overcome your specific issues with food. Coping strategies can be taught and support will be given in the form of telephone conversation and recordings in between sessions. You can control your eating habit rather than eating controlling you!



Smoking Cessation.

There are many stop-smoking aids on the market, both from government and commercially backed schemes aimed at a person's willpower to overcome the habit. Unfortunately willpower can quickly fade, hypnotherapy works because it is aimed at  understanding the belief underpinning why you smoke and why you want to stop. Hypnosis removes the desire and the triggers that drives the behaviour to smoke and allows you to apply the effort to achieve your goal. It is achievable to stop smoking in one session. To find out if you are the type of person thats fits the criteria to stop in one session call me to arrange an appointment.  



Overcoming Phobias and Traumas.

We all have fears, but often they are not strong enough to cause a problem in every day life. We may want to avoid a fearful situation but this is not the same as having a phobia. A phobia is a irrational fear which is exaggerated, where there is no threat to your survival and statistically the perceived threat will not happen.

Medical expert suggest phobias start before the age of 30 and are caused by

a traumatic or stressful event associated directly or indirectly to the object of the phobia. To further add to the confusion the fear experienced from the phobia can be attached to an unrelated anxious or stressful situation.


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