Consultation is free and usually takes about 30 - 40 minutes, if you are happy to go ahead with treatment and are committed to fully participating and practicing the resources  learned in the sessions, positive and long term changes can be achieved and can be useful in many other areas of your life.



I would advise about one to three sessions depending on the issue although anxiety and mild depression issues can take longer.  



Smoking Cessation £130.00 please allow at least two hours for a session. Depending on your beliefs about smoking one session is often sufficient. However  an assesment can be given beore commencing, to whether a one session will  be sufficient to suit your personality type. If more than one session is advisable the cost of each session will reduce to £65.00. Maintenance session is advised after four weeks if required.


Weight management £65.00 per one hour session, at least two sessions are advised subject to the complexity of the habit.


Personal Development (confidence issues, public speaking) £60.00 per one hour session.


Behavioural (shyness, nail and cuticle biting) £60.00 per one hour session.


Emotional ( anxiety issues) £60.00 per one hour session.


Mind-Body (digestive problems, psychosomatic issues) £60.00 per one hour session.


Phobias ( excessive worrying, obsessions)  £60.00 per one hour session.


Sports Development (overcoming a block)  £60.00 per one hour session.


Concentration (studying for exams) £60.00 per one hour session.





I am committed to resolve your issues in as few sessions as possible and always happy to discuss any concerns between sessions.


Follow up sessions can be conducted via skype at a discounted price of £50.00


Payment can be made at the end of each session, unless you would prefer to pay in advance.


Please give at least 24 hours notice of any cancellations or changes to appointment times.



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